• Gain basic understanding of the industry, dangers of working and responsibilities as a plant operator.
  • Learn to operate the machine safely and gain knowledge on the key mechanical components.
  • Carry out lifting and load handling tasks and learn to fit, adjust and remove attachments.
  • If you wish for your operator card to be unrestricted then the test must be carried out on a 13T or above machine and a scaffold tower with a height and platform at 9m must be available. Please bear this in mind if you are enquiring to book using your own plant and location for testing. We are more than happy to quote for attendees to our Training Centre which is located just a few miles from J27, M5.

Key Information

NPORS Course Name N010 – telescopic handler
Course Duration 5 days for Novice
Experience workers course time subject to profiling by Instructor
No. applicants per course 3 (4 for Experienced workers/EW)

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